thin optics

New Products at Boomer Business Summit San Diego 2014

  There were two new products on display that really caught my eye at the Boomer Business Summit in San Diego last week.  Each addresses convenience and necessity from different points of view but both products were intriguing. ThinOptics has created a cell phone cover with a small eyeglass holder affixed to the back. The case comes with reading glasses inside the case. They are […]

macular degeneration

February brings attention to Macular Degeneration

Low vision may be caused by a wide variety of eye conditions and disorders.  Some of these include: Age-related Macular Degeneration (also known as AMD). AMD is a degenerative disease of the retina that causes progressive loss of vision in the center of the eye. Some people describe it as having a spot or blurry space in the middle of their vision. This interferes with […]

glaucoma test

How Do You Get Tested for Glaucoma?

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month.  Use this time as a regular marker to get your eyes and ears checked.  Thanks to for this informative article on glaucoma testing.  Early detection, through regular and complete eye exams, is the key to protecting your vision from damage caused by glaucoma. A complete eye exam includes five common tests to detect glaucoma. It is important to have […]

toxic environment

Breast Cancer Risk May Be Linked to Toxic Environmental Factors

You wouldn’t take a bath in paint thinner or breathe gas fumes for fun, but small “everyday” doses aren’t OK either. A big report on breast cancer and environmental toxins has terrific advice. Didn’t get to read all 300 pages? We YOU Docs dug in for you to get the key stuff on protecting you and yours from environmental chemicals that increase breast cancer risk. […]

internet savvy seniors

Internet Savvy Seniors

The Sunday Times of London today quotes a study out of UCLA that the use of the internet increases brain function in elders, specifically the actual process of searching for information. While more studies have suggested that brain fitness is vital to all of us and has shown benefits in the reduction of age-related dementia, this new study shows that the interrogative process is even […]

woman with alzheimers

Mom, Dad and Alzheimers

So, yesterday I went to get some photos taken. Turns out, the photographer, a lovely woman in her 30’s, has a father with advanced Alzheimers. Her mother is caring for him. Both are in their 70s, living at home. This is so typical of the worries and real-life caregiving issues across the generations today. The photographer has two long-distance siblings and one who lives close […]