Kitchen safety is among the more important types of home safety to practice for the elderly. The kitchen can be a very dangerous place for anyone, but for those 65 and older, it is even more so. Age-related changes affect the senses and reduce mobility. Cognitive changes, from memory loss to dementia, can add to the danger. With the kitchen as the fulcrum of electrical and/or […]

color utensils

How Color Contrast Can Help In The Kitchen

Dealing with the challenges of low-vision can be FUN. It just depends on using the right color contrast utensils that make it easy.  You can find colorful cutting boards, knives, measuring spoons, and other utensils at local stores, like Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Ace Hardware,etc.   Here’s a link to cutting boards we found on-line and for a very reasonable price.  Look […]

meal delivery service

Family Caregivers Choose Delivered Elderly Meals Companies To Take Care Of Loved Ones

Meal delivery services are clearly becoming popular over the last decade. It was once available exclusively to those wealthy individuals, but today is widely offered in various section of society, which includes assistance in providing meal needs of seniors and their household caregivers. It will be, however, a private pay option which your local government service or insurance policy might not cover. As the name […]