“From the moment I saw the assessment, I knew we did the right thing.  You anticipated the problems, possibilities, and needs of such an undertaking.”


“You thought of things we have never thought of.  I shall never forget you all.”


“I was instantly put at ease by your humor, ease of manner, and respect for the situation.  You diffused the tension that my mom was experiencing, taking the time to talk and kid around with her.  By the end of the day, I felt I had made a great contact and a friend.”


“What you did for us was something short of a miracle.  My dad is so happy being able to stay in his home.”

Joseph G.

“I live nearly 2 hours away from my parent’s home.  You handled everything in my absence flawlessly.  Your honesty and professionalism is refreshing and inspirational.”  


“Your kindness, warmth, and care made what could have been an impossible experience for my parents one that they were able to embrace and cope with.  Your ability to work magic within my parent’s home was so greatly appreciated.”

J. Barry S.

“I cannot help but be proud of my relationship with you and all the good things you have done.  Your professionalism, dedication to the tasks at hand and your caring, very soft but business nature certainly contributed to making easier a difficult burden.”