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New App Helps Design a Dementia/Alzheimer-Friendly Home

Aging in place design commonly accounts for a lot of the physical ailments of getting older, but they don’t often account for mental ailments, like dementia. Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, a regional organization of Alzheimer’s Disease International, developed a new app to help designers and caregivers create a home environment that helps seniors manage the effects of dementia. The Dementia-Friendly Home uses a 3D model home […]

Modifying Interiors For Older Residents

A high-tech kitchen with a magnetic induction cooktop that won’t burn a person who might accidentally touch it. A refrigerator with extra lighting on shelves and drawers so food can be seen better. Steps throughout the house that have lights between the tread and risers. Rugs that are recessed to prevent slips and falls. ┬áThese are the housing accommodations that can help older people, who […]