Frequently Asked Questions

Talking with a familyWho do we help?

We help seniors who want to live independently in their own home. We reduce the stress for  adult children by making the practical changes to a parent’s home. We work with family members returning home from the hospital or rehab. We help people with low vision, low hearing, memory concerns.

What do we do?

We solve the problem with home safety makeovers, extensive assessment tools, personal consulting.  We offer packages that include monthly checks on the client for additional changes or revisions or adaptations.

When do we help?

We help when someone identifies a concern about vision, hearing, mobility or memory as it relates to remaining safe. We work with clients after the hospital or rehab to ensure that the features of the house remain easy to use to maintain independence.

happy clientWhere do we help?

We make in person consultations available primarily in southern California. We can travel to your location to assess and implement important changes to the home throughout the country. We work with a network of contractors, if required, to ensure that any larger modifications are handled with care and consideration.


Our mission is to keep folks safely in their homes as long as is possible and feasible.

We want our seniors to retain their independence and dignity and we want the next generation to take the steps to create safe home environments for themselves and worry less about the elders.

What do we do?

We focus on the concerns of the homeowner and family members, doing an in-depth assessment of the house and any hazards that may be present. We provide on-site solutions and recommend low-tech and high-tech product ideas to maximize the safety aspects within and outside the house.

Who’s Running the Show?fritzi gros-daillon

Founded by Fritzi Gros-Daillon, Household Guardians is administratively located in Vista, CA. Our current service area includes San Diego County and southern California. We are available for out-of-state consultations as well.



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