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Foldaway Wheelchair Shower

Another innovative product for seniors is the Foldaway Wheelchair Shower. It is a completely self-contained portable shower stall that can be used anywhere there is access to warm water, a drain and a 110V outlet, such as a kitchen, laundry room or bathroom for which the regular bathing facility is inaccessible. The portable shower can be set up in less than 5 minutes out of the box, roll in, shower and roll back out. It weighs less than 40 pounds and folds to 6 inches flat for easy storage.

Larry Weinstein, AARP’s National Livable Homes Consultant, states that this is the first truly new and exciting bathing product for seniors. It allows seniors who rent, who live with family or want to travel the availability of a shower.


One thought on “Foldaway Wheelchair Shower

  1. We just got our demonstration of this chair yesterday….sweet! It has so many nice features that were based on Dr. Nelson’s lab’s research. It is stainless steel, designed to resist corrosion, comes with a number of options such as elevating leg rests for special needs, etc. The cushioned seat is fully sealed and has had very good interface pressure study results. It gives easy access from the front or either side for bowel care, has swing up armrests, 4 back options, and a well-designed leg rest.

    It is not yet commercially available (they only have 6 demos so far), and the list price is probably going to be in the $1900 range (gasp!), but for those who do have funding, I think this is going to be the shower/commode chair of choice. No photos on their website yet, but it is coming soon.

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