“Blaze a Trail” for Millenials and their Predecessors

For the last 53 years, May has been recognized as Older Americans Month. With 10,000 people turning over 65 every day, we all have someone in our lives that we should celebrate during this time. That doesn’t mean the rest of the year you’re off-the-hook, but it’s a good way to remember to check in on some very important every-day things to keep your older friend or family member safe.

Home Safety Assessment

home safety assesment

Check around the house for tripping hazards, lights burned out or overgrown shrubs as a place to start…or find a professional in the area who is trained to look for the obvious and less obvious fall risk hazards.


senior activities

Find local activities like Senior Health and Fitness Day events that are being held in over 30,000 cities across the United States and enjoy the fun together.

Doctor Appointments

How about the annual vision or hearing test? We can help by making the plan and the appointment and getting our friend or family member to the important appointment. Because the annual exams are not typically part of an overall visit to the doctor, it is good to make sure that they are done too.

Relieve the Caregiver

We can also share our time with the ones who are caring for the others in our lives. We can give them an opportunity to have time away for a fun activity or just some quiet time. Whatever would serve the person the best way is a gift of thoughtfulness and care. It helps everyone to be respected and honored for the extraordinary role that a caregiver plays in the life of those we love. We need to care for each other right now, every day.

Now that millenials out number the boomers, it’s equally important to pass on the importance of caring for the older generation. Let us celebrate each other and the care we give and take. We are in this business of aging together.

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