Look With My Eyes – 4 Ways to Help an Elderly Family Member

As we have a chance to visit family and friends throughout the holiday season, I would ask each of you to look with my eyes; look for the opportunities to create a safer home environment.

Look for tripping hazards

tripping hazards

Light bulbs that need replacing, a dark walkway that could use some solar lights

replace lightbulbs

A smoke alarm battery that needs changing.

change the battery in smoke alarms

Help organize and clean. Help with holiday items currently stored on upper shelves or in an attic or basement that need to be reached or put away.

helping elderly clean

These small individual actions can be the best gifts that we give each other for the holiday season. Please be mindful that our family members may not ask for help and yet, every gesture, every action can make the difference. So to you and yours, may you enjoy all the blessings of the season and a Happy New Year!

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