How do you organize downsizing effectively?

Downsizing can be a hard transition at any point in life.  We’ve put together some suggestions to make this move an easier one.

Folded Clothes

Select the dresser / chest(s) you will take to the new apartment.  Clean it out, and re-pack with your clothes just the way you will use it in everyday.  *If you don’t have a linen closet, you will need to allow space in these drawers.

Hanging Clothes

Now is the time to clean out the closet!  Measure the amount of “rod hanging area”in your new apartment.  Set aside the amount of space in a clear closet area, and begin to fill with the clothes you want to have with you.  When the space is full, so are your new closets.


Bending to reach our shoes is not always easy!  There are wonderful hanging shoe bags that fit on “swing-out” closet doors.  These generally have 24 pockets, thus holding 12 pairs of large shoes or 24 soft, smaller shoes.  The bags are available at The Container Store, Kmart, Target and Wal-Mart.


The amount you will need will be determined by the available services at your new apartment.  General minimum suggestion:

  • 2 quilted mattress pads (Sip-on hypo allergenic and waterproof covers available at Bed, Bath, & Beyond are a GREAT product)
  • 2 sets of sheets, pillow cases
  • 2 blankets
  • 4 bath towel, 8 wash cloths
  • Shower curtain and liner
  • Bed spread / coverlet
  • 2 pillows

Laundry Organizers

Hamper or bag for soiled clothes / Laundry basket *iron and board depending on need.

Business papers

Take only the records you really need!  Talk to your accountant.  Set aside a workspace in your new apartment.

Kitchen Utensils

Depends on your apartment!  You are retired and don’t have to cook.

Furniture, ETC