On the 4th, we Americans celebrate our independence in big ways and small ways-with family barbecues, picnics, fireworks, music or quietly savoring the joys of the freedoms in our lives. Especially for our seniors,

The concept of living independently to which we cling with such ferocity is, in reality, not the truth. And given how busy the younger generations including boomers are, we need to accept that we:

  • can put our pills (vitamins or medication or both) into plastic containers to make sure we take the right ones on the right day
  • can use electronic reminders for appointments
  • can use devices to play music and tell us jokes
  • can have someone mow our lawn
  • can have someone clean our homes and do the laundry
  • can have our car washed by someone else
  • can have minor repairs done
  • can use a smartphone for our schedule and get our mail
  • can buy prepared dinners or have groceries delivered
  • can have almost any product we order delivered to the house

So, in fact, we are living in assisted living! Embracing the concept gives us a fresh perspective on the independence that we cherish. So it is not just the physical home that could be an apartment in an assisted living community, it is really our own home or apartment today. It is also across all generations. Younger adults, millenials, Gen X’s and Y’s, have chosen assistance in their way of life too. Think about for a moment, the young college graduates who have rebounded back home-they are living in assisted living, too.

So, let’s relish and be grateful for the independence and freedom that we share. We love the right to make our decisions and have choices. If we accept the fact that we are all living with assistance, then the choices that we make to extend and protect our lifestyle are vital.

These choices include healthy choices for our food, exercise, socialization and giving back to others. Taking the steps to ensure that our home environment is as free of hazards and fall risks, will be one more step toward safeguarding our ability to live well.