How can we make it easier for caregivers around the holidays?

As we get close to the holidays and big family gatherings, sometimes it is a challenge for caregivers to find reason to celebrate. There is always work in preparing for any kind of holiday celebration and this is no exception. As caregivers, there are always extra things to consider, related to traveling, meals and adequate facilities to make sure that all members of the family can be comfortable.


In addition, in some circumstances, the caregiver is a “reluctant” one…the tasks and work of care-giving are more difficult when the recipient of the care does not acknowledge the efforts, is demanding or in worst cases, is abusive. There are times when the celebration becomes much more work than fun and joy. For individuals who may find themselves in this situation, remember that we must care for ourselves in addition to caring for others. One idea for a holiday or short vacation stint is respite care, whether provided by a professional or other family members.

Let us try to enjoy each upcoming holiday and remember that we are blessed to celebrate America and its freedoms and to honor those who made the sacrifices before us.