Healthy Homes Principle 5 – “Keep It Contaminant-free”

This principle was originally “Keep it Poison-free,”  but has been expanded to include household contaminants, not just poisons. Poisons and dangerous household chemicals should be secured from access by children and the local emergency and poison control phone numbers should be posted prominently near the phone. All members of the household should know what the numbers are and where they are located in case of an emergency.


poison control phone number


There are environmental hazards that may be present in a home. There may be asbestos covering on pipes or a boiler, asbestos floor tiles or linoleum, or insulation material. It is hazardous if it is in damaged or deteriorated condition. You should call a professional to remove the material and ensure that the area is cleaned according to the State and Federal regulations.  If your house was built before 1978, it is highly likely that the paint originally used on the exterior and interior contained lead. If the paint is in good condition or has been repainted, the hazard from lead dust is minimized. However, if you are planning renovations that will disturb painted surfaces, we recommend that the areas be tested first and then the work can be done by certified contractors, using lead-safe work practices to protect you and your family.