Developed by Dr. William Thomas and rooted in the tradition of the Eden Alternative, the Green House Project is a model for cultural change in long-term nursing home environments. The residence is designed to be a home for six to ten elders. It blends architecturally with neighboring homes, includes vibrant outdoor space and appealing interior features. Each elder has a private room or unit with a private bathroom. The rooms are designed to receive high levels of sunlight and are situated around the hearth, open kitchen and dining areas. While adhering to all codes and regulations, Green House homes look and feel like a home with few medical signposts.

There are safety features built into the house to minimize injury and the smaller size promotes less use of wheelchairs. The elder is free from an institutional schedule and lives a comfortable daily life. The meals are prepared in the open kitchen and served at a large dining table where staff, elders and visitors enjoy a pleasant dining experience.

This housing model is increasing in popularity and Green House Project has a guidebook for those interested in creating these home environments. This is an exciting concept that is gaining footing throughout the US.