Healthy Homes Principle 7 – “Keep It Maintained”

Keeping up with home maintenance can be a challenge with all our time constraints but the old saying that “a stitch in time saves nine”. Just a quick look around at the porch light, the porch railing, leaves in the gutter or along the walkways are easy spots for a quick cleanup project. Keeping the interior maintained and appliances in good working order will keep energy efficiency up and keep costs down.

Weatherization projects are bigger tasks that also could produce increased savings. Replacement of older windows with vinyl replacement windows will reduce the escape of heat in the winter and the escape of cool air in the summer, if you are using air conditioning. In certain geographic parts of the US, solar power can produce even greater savings for the hot water and electrical use in the household. There are Federal tax credits for some solar power projects as well as incentives through local utility companies.

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