So, yesterday I went to get some photos taken. Turns out, the photographer, a lovely woman in her 30’s, has a father with advanced Alzheimers. Her mother is caring for him. Both are in their 70s, living at home.

This is so typical of the worries and real-life caregiving issues across the generations today. The photographer has two long-distance siblings and one who lives close enough to participate in the day-to-day caregiving. She is feeling the ravages of the disease for her dad, and her mom as primary caretaker, to be more insidious than is commonly acknowledged.

I listened to her story and offered some suggestions for additional support services, including respite for her mom, by local groups. Sharing resource information is as much a part of what we do to help seniors and families as is the physical packing and moving.

If you have ideas in your community, drop us a line and we will be delighted to share your ideas to help others.