New Professional Qualification in Environmental Gerontology

A Certificate in Environmental Gerontology is under development at Hofstra University on Long Island. Environmental Gerontology is, simply put, the study of how the aging individuals interact with the physical environment that sourrounds them and how best to improve that environment.

Hofstra’s offering is an important acknowledgment of the burgeoning needs and markets to serve baby boomers and their parents.  The innovations of the future will also impact the children of boomers as they face housing and financial challenges of their own.

This new program presents an important opportunity for a wide-range of professionals to become better able to serve the growing number of seniors and adult children of seniors, and to better understand their unique needs.  Designed to address the issues of aging in place and development of a range of senior living options, this qualification will provide valuable instruction to architects, interior designers, real estate developers, construction managers, home furnishing designers and Certified Senior Advisors.

To learn more about the Certificate in Environmental Gerontology and whether the qualification is right for your professional development, contact the Director of the Gerontology Program, Dr. Jeff Rosenfeld.