New Products at Boomer Business Summit San Diego 2014


There were two new products on display that really caught my eye at the Boomer Business Summit in San Diego last week.  Each addresses convenience and necessity from different points of view but both products were intriguing.

ThinOptics has created a cell phone cover with a small eyeglass holder affixed to the back. The case comes with reading glasses inside the case. They are small, flexible and stay on your nose! They are perfect for the quick read of a menu or even small type on the cell phone message; handy because they are right on the phone case and nearly weightless. It is such a clever way to avoid the inevitable search for reading glasses in our pockets, purses or around the house and office.

thin optics

Another product on display was a Swiss watch by Limmex .  The watch has a GPS component and an alarm system that can be activated with a medical alert system.

Limmex watch for seniors

Pressing the watch stem will activate an emergency alert. The watch and the alert system is currently supported by T-Mobile for a low monthly fee with the purchase of the watch. It is an interesting alternative to the more standard emergency alert necklace, lanyard, and bracelet versions.

I believe that we will see more products that address very different needs; the small annoyances like the search for reading glasses to the more serious emergency contact issues. But both products address our underlying belief that as boomers we still need to be cool, but at Household Guardians, we know that we need to be safe!

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