In the senior move management world, we are often selling our services to the seniors as well as the adult children or caregivers. It is important to remember that good listening skills and patience are keys to success. There are several helpful tips offered in an article by Sharil Baxter is the June 2008 CSA Journal.  The first is active listening to the answers to your questions and to the questions from the clients. Reassuring them that questions are welcome will encourage dialogue and give you an opportunity to build trust. Taking notes and repeating information and conclusions will reinforce your points.

Remember that there may be undiagnosed hearing difficulties as well. Reduce any background noise possible and sit facing your client, speaking in a calm voice with moderate to lower-pitched sounds. A smile or nod from your listener may not necessarily mean that you are heard or understood.

It is important to be straightforward, use language that is clear and avoids industry jargon, draws on personal experience and provides examples of your services. There is nothing like a few testimonials to help close the deal.