As the adult daughter of an elderly mom who lived alone, I felt the angst of long-distance caregiving and incorporated new things into our mutual routines so we would both feel safer- mom feeling actually safer in her home and me feeling more at ease.

We accomplished this together by taking several steps.

The first was to learn about what were really the issues and the best ways to deal with them. For us, it was her low vision and fear of falling so we learned about lots of visual clues and easy home adaptations so she could continue to manage her household, cooking, washing, cleaning and driving to her volunteer activities.

At Household Guardians, we do the same for your family. If your loved one lives close or far, we can help you assess the areas of concern-whether they are changing abilities or the results of a specific trigger event, medical or personal.

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of the interior (room by room) and exterior of the home to determine areas of challenge and concern. In keeping with the National Healthy Homes program, we look at 29 areas of risk.

We develop a complete report that itemizes the opportunities to make the smart, affordable changes to make the environment even more liveable and safe. We offer suggestions for low vision, low hearing and mobility.

We can customize the plan for implementation by the family members with shopping lists and resources. If the recommended changes are more extensive, we can locate licensed, insured contractors and other resources for supplies or equipment.

We know how important it is to be able to sleep at night, knowing your loved ones are safe.

We’d love to talk with your family and make your home safer.  Call us today at 800-984-1186.

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