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Early Summer Maintenance Reduces Worries for Families

As the summer season officially begins this month, most of the daily celebrations relate to summer foods and enjoying the vacation atmosphere of our lives. Better weather certainly raises our spirits. Given we have extra daylight, this is a chance to take a new look around the house and see with fresh eyes. Have the bushes started to grow up in front of the windows? […]

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“Blaze a Trail” for Millenials and their Predecessors

For the last 53 years, May has been recognized as Older Americans Month. With 10,000 people turning over 65 every day, we all have someone in our lives that we should celebrate during this time. That doesn’t mean the rest of the year you’re off-the-hook, but it’s a good way to remember to check in on some very important every-day things to keep your older […]

millenial caregivers

Aging in America 2016 Conference Blog #2

The Boomer Business Summit was a day long conference held within the AiA16 event in Washington DC in March. From a prominent panel, we learned several fascinating and thought-provoking points about who we are and what is important to us in the different age cohorts. Here are a few of the points which, as we look at the need for home safety advisors throughout the […]

Look With My Eyes – 4 Ways to Help an Elderly Family Member

As we have a chance to visit family and friends throughout the holiday season, I would ask each of you to look with my eyes; look for the opportunities to create a safer home environment. Look for tripping hazards Light bulbs that need replacing, a dark walkway that could use some solar lights A smoke alarm battery that needs changing. Help organize and clean. Help […]

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What to do: Remodel or Move?

Neil Shapiro considers himself “within shouting distance” of retirement. He and his wife could have sold their home near Chicago and bought a condo in the Sun Belt, long a lure for American retirees. Instead, the couple bought another single-family home — in Boise, Idaho. “We wanted to come to a place where we want to live, and work for a few more years,” Mr. […]


When a Will Is Not Enough – Wall Street Journal

by Lindsay Gellman, Wall Street Journal Where there’s a will, there’s a way—and sometimes an ugly family feud. Families are consumed with grief when a loved one dies, but unfortunately certain legal and organizational tasks that arise can’t be ignored or put off for long. But you can ease the burden on your loved ones by making some simple preparations in addition to a will. […]