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“Blaze a Trail” for Millenials and their Predecessors

For the last 53 years, May has been recognized as Older Americans Month. With 10,000 people turning over 65 every day, we all have someone in our lives that we should celebrate during this time. That doesn’t mean the rest of the year you’re off-the-hook, but it’s a good way to remember to check in on some very important every-day things to keep your older […]

San Diego's Inaugural Older Driver Awareness Week

San Diego’s Inaugural Older Driver Awareness Week

This year we are joining the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) by launching San Diego’s First Older Driver Awareness Week December 7- 11, 2015. We’ll be offering the Safer Driver Program free of charge to the community in three free countywide sessions. In the next 25 years, 10,000 Americans will turn age 65 every day and the fastest growing group are adult age 85-90. As […]