Kitchen safety is among the more important types of home safety to practice for the elderly. The kitchen can be a very dangerous place for anyone, but for those 65 and older, it is even more so. Age-related changes affect the senses and reduce mobility. Cognitive changes, from memory loss to dementia, can add to the danger. With the kitchen as the fulcrum of electrical and/or […]

landscaping for your elderly

Early Summer Maintenance Reduces Worries for Families

As the summer season officially begins this month, most of the daily celebrations relate to summer foods and enjoying the vacation atmosphere of our lives. Better weather certainly raises our spirits. Given we have extra daylight, this is a chance to take a new look around the house and see with fresh eyes. Have the bushes started to grow up in front of the windows? […]

Fire Prevention

Fire Safety Month Comes to a Close

Fire Safety Month is coming to a close.  Have you used this time to check all of your fire alarm batteries?  Remember that smoke alarms have about a 10 life span.  Make sure the alarm works properly with each battery change and make proper replacements as necessary. Each home should have their own fire extinguisher, especially in the kitchen.   If it came down to it, […]

checking the smoke detector

Checklist for Storage and Lighting Safety

Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most when it comes to creating a safe and accessible home.  We have given you  many tricks and tips in our YouTube videos that will change your life over night, but there is always something more that you can do.  Things like electric outlets, lighting fixtures and smoke detectors.  Are your closets easy to use?  Can you do […]

shower bench

Wood Shower Benches: Top Tips to Care for them

Shower benches are useful addition to the shower as aids for the elderly, physically-challenged, or for those who require extra assistance in the shower. The prime issue in taking care of such benches, especially for the wood types, is keeping mold and mildew at bay. If fail to ensure, they can eat away them gradually. A shower is always a great potential place to supply […]

color utensils

How Color Contrast Can Help In The Kitchen

Dealing with the challenges of low-vision can be FUN. It just depends on using the right color contrast utensils that make it easy.  You can find colorful cutting boards, knives, measuring spoons, and other utensils at local stores, like Costco, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart, Ace Hardware,etc.   Here’s a link to cutting boards we found on-line and for a very reasonable price.  Look […]