Hearing Awareness Week

During this second week of October, which happens to be Hearing Awareness Week, we are here to remind you to get your annual hearing test.  As we age it is so important to keep these standing appointments because the loss of our hearing does so much more than we realize.

get your hearing checked


Loss of hearing affects our balance and that can mean big trouble for those of us that are 65 or older (don’t hold us to that age as a minimum).  Falling is the biggest cause of ER visits of the elderly, and once there is a big fall more are either to come or it was big enough to make us immobile.


It is so frustrating when you are in a room full of your family or friends and you can’t communicate with them.  If you’re constantly asking someone to repeat themselves or if you’re just missing out on the entire conversation, it can lead you to stop accepting offers to attend events.  Where does that leave you?  Isolated.  That is absolutely no way to live!  The average person takes about seven to nine years to actually go and get their hearing checked.  That’s seven to nine years of missing out on so much.  Don’t let that be you.

Where should you go?

Hearing loss can also cause many other health issues that can be prevented, but you must act before the loss is too great.  We have worked closely with North County Miracle-Ear and know there are offices around the country that offer FREE hearing tests.  It doesn’t matter if you are a client of theirs or not.  They give the most thorough tests that you won’t get from a big box store or on line.  It’s FREE!  You have no excuse. 

For products that help around the house for those with hearing loss, check here: http://householdguardians.com/store/products.


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