“Dare to Be 100”—Formula for Living

Dr. Walter Bortz, II, MD is the author of this book, “Dare to Be 100” as well as over 130 medical journal articles. His look at longevity and the key contributing factors can be used by professionals to help clients but just as much by each of us to understand and take the right steps.

Dare to Be 100His formula is D-A-R-E…and is borrowed from the book title. The acronym stands for Diet, Attitude, Renewal and Exercise.  While diet, renewal and exercise are biologically based, Dr. Bortz suggests that attitude is the most influential factor that helps the active-agers in planning and decision-making.

According to the Pew Research Center, in 2013, one study indicated that most respondents would like to live to the age of 90, even though the current average lifespan of American men averages 76 and American women averages 81.  While life expectancy trends have been increasing, there is new research that indicates the trend toward difficulty walking is on the increase among people younger than 65.

So, once again, exercise plays a major role in wellness and longevity and, in our opinion at Household Guardians, it also plays a role in safety and freedom to live the lifestyle of our choice. A study by University of Texas Southwestern Medical School found that exercise has a thirty year offset. This means that a fit person of 70 is the same as an unfit person of 40. It has nothing to do with doctors, pill or heredity. It is all about getting out there and using our bodies are they were designed.

Good balance, posture and alertness helps all of us to stay safer and avoid unnecessary falls. We can be alert to obstacles and tripping hazards and even catch ourselves before we trip or fall. In addition to good lighting and reducing the hazards in our pathways, being fit is a bonus that keeps us well. It is also terrific for the first of Dr. Bortz’s conclusions—that attitude is so important.

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