Staying fit and active as we get older is a key factor in our overall happiness and wellness.  It not only keeps our bodies in shape, but it keeps our mind active as well.

Being that it was just Fall Prevention Week, we have been talking about facts, myths, and tips on how to reduce your risk of falling.  One of the biggest myths is that if you limit your activity you won’t fall.  The fact is “if you don’t use it you lose it”, tweeted @SmartCells_USA.

Myth: Muscle strength and flexibility can’t be regained.

Reality: While we do lose muscle as we age, exercise can partially restore strength and flexibility. It’s never too late to start an exercise program. Even if you’ve been a “couch potato” your whole life, becoming active now will benefit you in many ways—including protection from falls.

Myth: If I limit my activity, I won’t fall.

Reality: Some people believe that the best way to prevent falls is to stay at home and limit activity. Not true. Performing physical activities will actually help you stay independent, as your strength and range of motion benefit from remaining active. Social activities are also good for your overall health.

What can you do to stay fit and active?

Join Silver Sneakers

Silver Sneakers
“Lose weight. Increase your energy. Improve your overall well-being. All of this is possible with SilverSneakers. But that’s not even the best part. When you join SilverSneakers, you join a community of nearly 2 million active older adults who will give you the support you need.”


Take Yoga Classes

Yoga class for seniors

In most cases, seniors can absolutely do yoga. Though the trend is to become more sedentary, retirement is the perfect time to pick up healthy habits that will promote longevity. Attending a regular yoga class will also establish a sense of community with teachers and fellow students. People with arthritis should check for specialized classes in your area.



seniors swimming

“Swimming is an ideal workout for the aging because it’s low impact and presents a minimal risk of injury. Swimming is also a complete workout, incorporating the entire body and utilizing all muscles groups.”  Read more




Remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.  Have fun!  And remember….

If you don’t use it you lose it!

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