A-Leg-Up was invented from necessity, but was soon found to be beneficial for any and everyone wanting to perform tasks in a more comfortable position. It was found to be especially beneficial to those with hip, knee or back problems.

No longer do people have to go to the floor to do these tasks. It also helps prevent cramping from being in awkward positions. It is our hope that you find the convenience in using this product and wish to share it with your friends and those you care about.

Save your bedding, save your bed and save your back.

Making Life Easier

Now there’s an easy-to-use product to make life’s tasks easier for you and the ones you care for. The design provides a comfortable platform to perform such tasks as pedicure, applying spray, foot powder or lotion, trimming nails or putting on socks and shoes. Not only does it assist those with hip, knee or back problems, but anyone wishing to be more comfortable in performing these tasks. The long handle provides an easy to reach shoehorn.


To use this foot stabilizing device, simply slip the product between the mattress and box springs of any bed.

You’ll find your body weight and the unique design keeps it firmly in place.

  • For best use, the platform should be about one and one half inches out from the bed.
  • This may be used with the logo facing up or down.
  • This product may also be used on some, but not all stuffed chairs and couches.

When a task has been completed, it may be pulled and used as a shoehorn, then placed on or in a dresser. It may also be placed back in the bed and pushed flush between the mattress and box springs, ready for use the next time.