What’s the easiest door handle to use for the front door?

As anyone who has come to the front door with an armload of groceries and the keys, there are some easier ways to negotiate getting into the house. One is a little table next to the door onto which you can put your packages…or a little shelf. As for the door itself, the knobs can be replaced with the levered door handles to make opening the door easier. You can use your elbow and, if especially agile, even a foot to get into the house. If you have an arthritic condition or even a sports injury, sometimes moving the wrist is a challenge and this change to the entrance is most welcome.

In the kitchen, the C-shaped handles that look like the letter “d” when attached, also provide the flexibility that regular knobs do not. They allow you to slip your hand into the handle and pull open the door without having to grasp a knob. It can be an easy change that helps family members of all ages.

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