Healthy Homes Principle 3 – “Keep It Pest-Free”

Good housekeeping practices help keep our homes healthy with the third principle: Keep it Pest-Free.

Practical ideas of keeping the kitchen surfaces clean, wiping up crumbs and not leaving dirty dishes in the sink. If you have a dog or cat, leaving pet food on the floor can also attract pests, if there is a route into the home. Bait stations for ants and insects and traps for rodents are much safer for the indoor environment than sprays, foggers and bug bombs and certainly safer than poisons that could harm children or pets.

As we know, as annoying as the pests themselves can be, what is more dangerous is what they leave behind. Diseases can be transmitted from the droppings, urine, saliva and nesting materials. The most common virus with national publicity is the Hanta Virus, that is transmitted from rodents. It is dangerous to people so if the situation seems to complex to handle, call a professional for removal of the pests. The professional can also help discern the entry points and correct the situation by sealing up holes or cracks.

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