Early Summer Maintenance Reduces Worries for Families

As the summer season officially begins this month, most of the daily celebrations relate to summer foods and enjoying the vacation atmosphere of our lives. Better weather certainly raises our spirits. Given we have extra daylight, this is a chance to take a new look around the house and see with fresh eyes.

Have the bushes started to grow up in front of the windows? Has the ground cover started to creep across the walkways? Did the batteries in the solar lights along the driveways run out of juice? Can we see new cracks in the walkway or have the stepping stones shifted from the winter? These are just a few ideas for an exterior inspection of our homes.

As we also celebrate Father’s Day, maybe Dad’s house could use a similar look-around and a bit of early summer maintenance to reduce tripping hazards and get ready for a summer of activity and fun without worrying about the house.

Household Guardians has gift certificates for Dad, too, so an expert can do the inspection and save the family time for fun.

Original Article from AgeSafeAmerica.com

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