Home Safety Begins With the First Step

We all know that the garage can be a scary space-the ultimate storage location for equipment for sports, gardening, car repair and storage for everything under the sun. We often believe, too, that if you put an appliance that is broken in the garage, there is a repair spirit who will come and fix it…the toaster repair version of the tooth fairy. This is really our first opportunity to look at de-cluttering and creating a safer home.

If you have chemicals for the garden or car, they should be stored safely above the reach of children but not so high on a shelf that they are unsafe to remove from the shelf. Make sure any step stools or ladders are in good order. If there is a loose step, take the time to repair it or replace it.

Many communities have recycling centers to receive old paint, old pesticides and even scrap metal and cardboard. There are also special pick up days on which the town will pick up these items.

Make sure there is plenty of light in the garage and motion-activated for the walkway toward the house so you can be careful about obstacles.  At the front door or porch area, make sure there is a light and a small table near the front door that you can use to put down packages while you fiddle with the keys.

There are higher tech solutions now available for the front door. One is a keypad door lock so you just enter the numbers on the pad and the door will unlock. There are even remote control door locks available.  If someone at home has low hearing, there are home monitoring systems that include a doorbell cover that will light up a monitoring panel to indicate that someone is at the front door. There are simpler doorbell attachments that will set off a small strobe light that is installed above the door.

There are peephole devices that look to the visitor just the same as a regular peephole in the door. On the interior, the peephole is a screen that is the size of a smartphone so you can actually see the person on the other side of the door!

We are just getting started but let’s get in the house safely!

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