Keyless Entry Makes It Easy for Seniors

One of the innovations in door locks is the remote control system that allows you to lock and unlock the door with a remote control device. There is a push button code and the regular key option. There are some systems that will lock/unlock via cell phone or other home security system technology.

This technology is interesting for people for whom getting to the door may be difficult or impossible, if they are bedridden. The addition of a remote entry system could be combined with an intercom for visitor identification.

Other technologies for remote door opening systems are employed in public places in compliance with the ADA. These systems can also be installed in the home so that someone who is wheelchair bound or even using a walker could have a remote device to open the door for them.

There are several manufacturers of door systems. For more information about the systems themselves, installation and representatives in your areaincluding Black & Decker ( , Kwikset (1-714-535-8111) and Open Sesame Door Systems (1-800-OPEN-911).