Workshops for Seniors and their Families

Our team at Household Guardians is passionate about our desire to help two generations – seniors and their adult children as they face the tough issues of aging-in-place and making downsizing decisions.  We bring understanding to the issues, information about services, and desperately needed options to people who are just beginning this journey or who have already traveled along its path. We share our expertise and very personal experience in working with several hundred families over the years. We have delivered the message at national conventions on healthy homes, senior moving management and aging in America. We also speak locally and regionally to audiences in community centers, chambers of commerce, churches, schools and clubs.

Sample of workshops include:

There’s No Place Like MY Home

Topics on safety throughout the home environment with practical tips for implementation by family members and/or professional service providers.

Decision Time for Families-Stay or Downsize?

Workshop for boomers with aging parents about the signs of change, communication skills and decisions that reflect each generation’s desire for independence, respect and control.

Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?™

Family-focused workshop on the disposition of our personal possessions, the options and implications of the decisions for the individual and the family.

Safety is Freedom

Workshop providing the steps to ensure that our home fits our current lifestyle and is adaptable for the future, giving us the freedom to pursue other interests without the nagging stress of the “what ifs”.

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